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10 Hours per month can yield significant income
No Sales!
We enable 6-Figure Earners
There are literally hundreds of MLM and Direct Sales opportunities that go immediately into some confusing and complex pyramid compensation plan where everyone makes a ton of money.  Historically, less than 5% of these "Distributors" even make a living at it.
This is why we HATE MLM
The AVT TEAM formula provides every client who benefits from this medical device and easy, no sales, no marketing, no warm market and no coffee shop meetings way to earn significant income with minimal risk.
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Pay off your investment in 90-days or less*
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What you should expect:

  • Extreme wellness and energy for all family members and pets.
  • A device you will become passionate about and want to share.
  • Recovering your investment in 90 days or less.*
  • Continuing to build your team simply by referrals
  • Continued¬†success for your and your teammates

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Help Wanted!

We need distributors suffering from these issues
Heart Disease
Type II Diabetes
Chronic Pain
Sleep Apnea
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We will build a group for you of individuals with your issues seeking help
We need distributers in the following professions
Chefs & Restaurant Servers
Construction Workers
Truck Drivers
We will build a group for you of individuals in your own profession with pain issues
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