Team Testimonies

Gary Szasz is the Co-Founder of Applied Vascular Therapy

He is just now organizing a full-time social networking system to enable all team members so stay informed about their health and share their stories with others.  There is nothing better than living a  longer healthier life and enbling others to do the same.  Our webinars and live meetings explain the technology in great detail and allow everyone to share their own stories.

Our rinse and repeat income program enables everyone to easily afford their own device and much, much more.

Ted Baker is an AVT Distributor in Ocala, FL.  

Ted has been an attorney, marketer, court mediator, businessman and college professor.  He is an early adopter of new technology, seventy years young and currently living in Ocala.  

He was being treated for a variety of what he calls "infirmities of age"  when he was introduced to AVT by Gary Szasz.  He acquired the equipment for the therapy sessions because of his distance from Orlando and has had significant success and relief from foot, Knee and lower back pain, as he describes in his video.  In three months of use, he finds the device to be remarkable and looks forward to introducing people like himself to the technology.  
Patty Bijlhout is an AVT Distributor in Orlando FL.

Before discovering this therapy, Patty was suffering from 2 herniated disk in her back plus other issues.  

Patty is actively sharing her story and this therapy with family members, friends and business associates and is constantly gratified by their positive feedback and interest.

JOHN Glantz PhD           PA    
NAOMI Zweifach            FL
RICHARD Crain               FL
EUGENE Flores               FL
DENNIS Goff                   AZ
DENISE Jarema               MI 
TALMIE Lunie De-Shimadai-Mathieu    FL
SANDRA Villegas             FL
SCOTT B. Gates               PA 
JAMES Risk                       MI
DAVID Flinchbaugh PHD    FL

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